Basic Electronics with SMD Rework Course

This Concept of Teaching Basic Electronics with SMD Rework Course first time else where in the SriLanka.

Here we teach in systematic way to the students from basic to SMD level by preparing concept them in a this class environment. The teaching staffs have a background of electronics and communication graduation with more than 20 years of chip level repairs experience backup. So here students only understand the basic electronics, which is an essential for this profession to learn the real practical experience of repair. We organized ourselves in such a way that we concentrate on each student by understanding his/her capability and teach according to it. We also have an infrastructure in such a way that each student will have their individual testing equipment’s and tools to concentrate and learn in proper way during course period.

So this course is suitable to the fresh students ,After O/L or A/L but also to the people who are already in the field and struggling to understand the systematic concept of repair. We assure that we build 100% confidence and fulfill your dreams to become an expert Electronic Technician.

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